• Moderators and Admin

    Looking to add some moderators and admin to all of my forums at this point. Let me know if you are interested in helping out!

  • 2014

    We have grown some and continue to bloom. I now work with Kilkeary’s Auto Body to bring some first hand news to the sites. Be sure to bookmark them and enjoy the sites!

  • Team Up Going Well

    The Auto Nation has teamed up with GO North American Automotive Design Services LLC (GONAADS) to produce a few design solutions that can/should/and most likely will be used in the automotive world. Working with films, crystals, and other materials to help bring the auto industry into the next generation.

  • Site Contest

    The Auto Nation is having a $2,000 give away plus prizes. I have an amazing opportunity for anyone who is interested. I am looking to grow my sites at a much more rapid pace. You may be looking for a new forum that is much more unfiltered. Allowing you to post parts, mention brands, discuss companies that are not sponsors, speak your mind without the power hungry moderators waiting to edit everything you say. Not be part of some major corporation owned site and helping out the little guy. I am here to let you do that. I have a dozen sites from an Ohio based car club to a dozen brand sites. You can check them out at www.TheAutoNation.com . I need my sites to grow, and I need your help to make that happen. If you want to post on streetfire, Car Domain, F-Quick, and the current forums you are already on, I am willing to reward you for doing so.

    Right now, I could still use site moderators for just about every brand. For every 5 members you bring over, you get 1 entry. The amount of entries is up to you! The more members you bring over, the greater your chances are for winning. So help this car enthusiast grow his sites. You may find you like what we have to offer. Go to any of the sites to see the rules.

    1. You must be a member on at least one of the sites.
    2. You must have at least 25 posts and 1 thread of your own
    3. You must post an introduction
    4. You must have the members you bring over mention you either in their initial introduction post or when they sign up
    5. You can only win 1 prize.
    6. You must have made a post within 2 weeks of the drawing
    7. You must claim your prize within 72 hours or you forfeit your prize.
    8. You are resbonsible for contacting me to gain an entry. I will verify members at that point and give you credit.
    9. New members only count once they have posted on the site you had them sign up for.

    1st place = $1,000
    2nd place = $500
    3rd place = $500

    Outside of that, there will be some sponsor prizes. Including current promotional sponsors IE: Meguiar’s Car Care, Check Corp Seat Heaters, Redline Goods, 3D Liquid Graphics and more to come. I hope to have prizes for the top 10 winners. Additional rules and regulations are subject to change.

    Prizes will be announced December 24th giving you time to gain as many entries as possible. This is your chance to bring all of your friends over to the site and grow it the way you want it. Remember, it may only take 1 entry to win $1,000. That is some serious mod money!

  • New Members

    Looking to pick up more members at a rapid pace. Bring on 20 members, get a $25 gift card! I am looking for members to become moderators as well. Let me know if you are interested.

  • Good at selling? A buddy wants to build on sites and work from home

    Seeking Muscle Cars – Advertising Sales Representative

    Please share with any interested colleagues….

    Muscle Cars – Advertising Sales Representative

    Hot Rodders, Street Rodders, Muscle Car Guys and Gals:

    Muscle Cars of America.com is seeking independent sales representatives to sell advertising for its website. Sell Directory Listings and Display Advertising on growing site for car enthusiasts. Commissions Paid Weekly! If you are a self-starter with a telemarketing sales background and wish to join our team, please contact us. Email chet@musclecarsofamerica or call 702-806-9230.

    • Location: USA Telecommute
    • Compensation: Commission Paid Weekly
    • Telecommuting is ok.
    • This is a contract job.
    • Principals only. Recruiters, please don’t contact this job poster.
    • Phone calls about this job are ok.

    Chet Hayes

    (702) 806-9230


  • Another Day, Another Member

    Let me know if anyone wants to do a banner exchange. Working on building up the sites. Hope to see you sign up.

  • Looking Good

    Sites been open for about a week. Over 100 members across the boards already. Hoping to grow soon if a few deals work out.

    if you have not already, check out the forums under the “Our Sites” section and sign up!

  • Come on in.

    The sites are up. Everything is coming along great. I need more people to start with the BETA testing to make sure it runs smoothly for the August 1st launch date!

    We will have some things left to do, like a creative design for the tops of all of the pages and all. But as of now, everything should be up and running.


  • Welcome To The Auto Nation Hub For Car Enthusiasts

              The Auto Nation was created as a new outlet for the automotive forum world. With the intention of vendors incorporated into a popular, tight knit community. Allowing freedom of speech to mention the latest brands, and newest products without being persecuted for doing so. The goal is to build one of the largest non business corporation owned forum communities. On top of that, we would like to host one of the largest national car shows and events per brand in the US. It would be amazing to see people with a common interest trek and make the journey nationwide. I own, operate, and stay hands on with the forums. My name is Adam Theobald. July 2012 starts BETA testing of 11 forums, As time goes on, The series of sites will continue to expand. The Auto Nation received its LLC as of 2012 for tax purposes. Both EIN and TIN were also received in 2012. Other sites will be used as a forum redirect to allow the maximum amount of members on a forum in place of breaking up a community.


    The expansion rate is going to include 10 new brands per year until we feel we have covered the brands, styles, and categories we wish to cover. With over 40 brand name web sites at our disposal, we see our growth rate as easily feasible.


    The sites all fall under the main branch known as The Auto Nation. I wanted to offer direct, affordable competition to Internet Brands Inc, and Auto Guide which run the majority of car forums and popular sites. Come grow with us and enjoy the ride along the way.


    www.TheAutoNation.org Updated info for all sites

    www.OhioRides.org Ohio Based car club, accepting all cars!

    www.TheStangNation.com For Mustang enthusiasts

    www.TheSRTNation.com For Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep enthusiasts

    www.aFordNation.com For Ford, Lincoln, Mercury enthusiasts

    www.TheGMNation.com Serving as a web site for Chevy, Buick, GMC, Caddillac, Oldsmobile, Saturn, Hummer, Saab, Geo, Pontiac and all other GM holdings

    www.TheCorvetteNation.com For Corvette enthusiasts

    www.TheHondaNation.com For Honda enthusiasts

    www.TheJeepNation.com for Jeep enthusiasts

    www.TheMazdaNation.com For Mazda enthusiasts

    www.TheNissanNation.com For Nissan enthusiasts

    www.TheSubaruNation.com For Subaru enthusiasts

    www.TheToyotaNation.com For Toyota enthusiasts